Water of life


With my son, Mattie’s Baptism at the weekend, this seemed like a very appropriate topic to talk about, and follow up with a February challenge. Baptism signifies that life is given to man by God and is celebrated by pouring water onto the head of the baby, or immersing them in a pool.


mattie baptism


Whether you are religious or not, water is vital for life.


Did you know the human body is about two thirds water?? We lose water throughout the day, largely as perspiration and urine, and so it is important we replenish water throughout the day.

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A drop in just 2% of your water content, and physical performance is impaired. Dehydration causes a drop in concentration, and can cause you to feel tired and lethargic. Drinking enough water may even help you lose weight by increasing metabolism and decreasing your appetite. If you find you have a tendency to get constipated, you may be dehydrated. And taking in adequate water may even help prevent against cancers of the bladder and bowel, and reduces the risk of kidney stones.


Water is also a really important ingredient in the healing process, allowing the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen to the wound, allowing cells to migrate to the healing site, and removing waste from a wound.


Water is important for all of our body systems that keep us alive.


So how much water should we be drinking per day?

This largely depends on what you’re doing and where you are. As a rule of thumb, we should be aiming for about 2 litres of water per day, but this could be more if you are a large male, are in a hot country, are exercising, are breastfeeding…


As a breastfeeding mum, I’m aiming to drink 3 litres per day. I don’t always achieve this. I try to make this largely water, but do also allow myself the occasional cuppa, glass of squash or something else.


Wet February!

We’ve all heard of “Dry January”

I bring you “Wet February”! At the start of the month, set yourself a target of how much water you will aim to drink each day and stick to it for the full month!

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